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Ming Zhao

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Ming Zhao

Senior Engineer , College of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Wenzhou University, Chashan Higher Education Town, Wenzhou, China, 325035

Email: Jane70@wzu.edu.cn

Tel:+86 577 8668 9611


§ Green Building\Ecological Building\Sustainable Building, Architecture Design, Urban Design


§ MSc, College of Civil Engineering & Architecture, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. 2005-2009

§ BS,  School of Civil Engineering,  Chang’an University, Xi’an City, China  1988-1992


§ Senior Engineer, Architect , College of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Wenzhou University, December 2004-Present

§ Visiting Scholar, A.E, Pennsylvania State University, U.S. , March 2014-June 2015

§ Engineer, Architect, College of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Institute of Architectural Design, Wenzhou University, October 1994-November 2004

§ Assistant Engineer, CSCEC, Bejing, China. July 1992-August 1994


§ Member, Institute of  Towns Development Research,  Zhejiang



§ Energy-Efficient & Appropriate Technology for the Building of Whenzhou--Inactive-Mode Indoor Humidifying Technology

§ Prefeasibility Study & Plan for Four Public Places (Library, Archive Building, Museum, and Science & Technology Museum) and Two Centers

§ Three-Year Planning on Comprehensive Improvement of Urban Appearance of Whenzhou

§ Planning Scheme for Residential Quarters of Tonghu Road, Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province

§ Interior Decoration Design of SAGUS Co.Ltd.


Journal Papers:

[1]. Zhao, Ming . Ji,Ming. Wang,Songya. Zong,Ling. Liu, Jiying. Zhang, Linhua .Preliminary

       Simulation of Regional Thermal Enviroment in Linkun Island, Wenzhou City.  Building Energy

       Efficiency, 2016 October, 83-87

[2]. Zhao, Ming .  Study on Evolution of Urban Morphology Components of Whenzhou. Urban Studies, 2009 September, 28-32

[3]. Zhao, Ming . Features of Urban Morphology in Whenzhou Mode and in the Context of Urban Culture of Whenzhou. China Water Transport, 2009 September, 67-69

[4]. Zhao, Ming . “Technical Measures on Residential Building Energy Efficiency of Whenzhou”, New Building Materials, 2003 August, 41-43

[5]. Zhao, Ming .  “Urban Space under Banyan”, China Building Science, 2003  June, 25-27


2012  Passive-Mode Indoor Humidifying Technology, Patent No. ZL2012 2, 0225982.0


Undergraduate Courses

§ Architectural Design , Building Construction , Advisor for graduation thesis