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Construction Engineering College held a party clean government education conference

Date:2017-04-28 comefrom Click: 44

On the afternoon of April 26th, the Legislative Yuan Education  Conference was held in Room 7A201, and all the faculty members attended  the meeting. President Sun Linzhu presided over the meeting.
The  meeting learned the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Eighth  Central Committee of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection,  and conveyed the spirit of the work of building a clean government  building on March 29th. President  Sun Linzhuang made a statement on the provisions of the School of  Architectural Engineering on the procurement of office supplies, the  registration and collection of office supplies (discussion paper) and  the Regulations on the Administrative Work Subsidy of Administrative  Engineering. Wang Jun, vice president of the Institute of party and government  jointly informed the topic of research on the use of scientific research  funds on the use of clean government risk point investigation and  prevention and control, "the spirit of the minutes, to further clarify  the scientific research funding management and approval requirements.
Zhang  Min, secretary of the report of the recent national universities in the  field of corruption research and prosecution of seven cases, the  current situation of our party's clean government, put forward the next  stage of our party's work of building a clean government. He  said that since the 18th CPC Central Committee with comrades as  comrades at the end of the eighteenth dynasty, he has further  intensified his efforts to strictly control the Party and investigated  and dealt with a large number of major cases and won the support and  support of the broad masses of the people. The corruption struggle has achieved phased results. In  view of the actual situation of our hospital, the college team should  further implement the requirements of the Central Committee on the  strict management of the party, strengthen the work of building a clean  government and anti-corruption work, and consciously fulfill the  responsibility of one post, exemplary take the lead in abiding by the  law and strengthen the system construction. He  pointed out that the effectiveness of building a clean government is  not only in the team, but also need all faculty and staff to consciously  abide by laws and regulations, financial discipline and related rules  and regulations, party building is responsible for all. He  stressed that the organization of the majority of teachers and students  to study the theory of anti-corruption, party discipline, laws and  regulations and financial discipline and other institutional policies to  normalization, to carry out regular party and government to prevent and  control risk investigation and judgment, timely resolution of signs, Effectively put an end to corruption.