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I am "Basket" mad - remember the second school of teachers and students basketball game

Date:2017-04-27 comefrom Click: 21

In order to promote the construction of spiritual civilization in our school, enrich the development of campus culture, improve the level of sports, construction society group society in the afternoon of 26th organized a construction of teachers and students basketball game. At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, in the North Coliseum basketball court began an exciting game. To participate in this competition is Dong Quan Yang, Li Guobing, Guo Lin, Wang Peng, Gu Chuan, Chen Jingyu, Sun Fu Xue, Yang Kejia, Shao colou teacher composed of construction teachers clan, they are fighting last year, Grade of the first 16 civil class 3 class students.

Before the game, 16 civil class 3 class students are doing the warm-up exercise in an orderly manner, the same teachers are also very active ready. The game began, teachers and students have shown a good mental outlook, race style, race level. The referee also impartial law enforcement, careful observation and judgment of each ball, to ensure the fairness of the game. Put on the basketball clothes of the teachers and students to play fiery, as if back to seventeen years old, passionate, passionate surging. When they cast a note of the hollow ball, attracted the audience for their applause. 16 students of the class 3 students can not be underestimated, watching sweat from their forehead shed, wet hair, soaked clothes. In the game hit the third quarter, the students chasing more than 20 points, so that the atmosphere of the stadium reached a climax. Bingzhe "friendship first, the second game" belief, after just one hour intense competition, the final teacher clan to 68 points score, more than the student team 1 minute advantage to win.
The construction of students basketball perfect fall, not only to strengthen the exchanges between teachers and students and cohesion and collective sense of honor, while showing the enthusiasm and vitality of teachers and students. Hope that through this competition, let the temperature of the construction workers and students more positive and progressive, hard work of the spirit!