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Looking for the Red Trail and Making Qualified Party Members - On the Party Branch of the School of Architecture and Engineering

Date:2017-04-20 comefrom Click: 34

In order to further deepen the "two learning and one learning" learning and education activities, expand the platform of party building activities, enrich the form of political life within the party, and enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of party members. On April 8, the Party branch of the School of Architecture and Engineering, To carry out "to find red footprints, to do qualified party members" revolutionary traditional education activities. Yongjia, as the base of the revolutionary base in southern Zhejiang, there are red thirteen army headquarters site, the ancient island of the ancient anti-Japanese armed uprising site, Shatou martyrs cemetery and other education and education base, rich historical and cultural resources.

Arrived in the North Island ancient anti-Japanese armed uprising site, the blue sky after the rain just cleared. The site of the memorial in a fresh story, a piece of heavy objects, a picture of Zhang Gangyi, all reflect the Communists' national integrity and history. Shatao martyrs cemetery in the mountains of pine in the arrogant, vigorous inscriptions in the years of polish in the clear and bright, telling the old sad and dust up to rise. It is the history of the Chinese nation's blood and tears, is the hero of the numerous martyrs cast monument! Through the cemetery bright red five-star red flag, we seem to see in the warlords before the guillotine without fear of Liu Hulan, as if to feel Jiang Jie in the enemy under the torture of the piercing pain, as if to hear the hero "to victory, Fired at me! "The heroic cry. We admire the selfless dedication of the hero! Their brilliant performance, will be shining history, eternal flow Fang! Their English name will be with the sun and the moon with the river, coexist with the river! It is precisely because of these numerous revolutionary martyrs and lofty, only today's peaceful environment, only the prosperity of the motherland.
       How can the Communists of the peace and the "build up their sleeves in the cause of socialist construction", how to practice the vows of the Party, and how to pass on the torch of the revolutionary spirit tradition, and undoubtedly find the answer in this line The