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Construction Engineering College Trade Union Organization Staff Spring Tour

Date:2017-04-19 comefrom Click: 1024

People do not know where to go, peach is still laughing spring; the most spring benefits of the year, it is the world April day. April 15 blue skies, spring bloom, and the wind Xu, construction engineering faculty to go to Ryan Tongxi Reservoir outing smoothly.

After an hour's drive to reach the destination. Teachers along the country road in the reservoir next to the wandering, while breathing fresh air, while enjoying all kinds of spring flowers, sometimes stop flowers, sometimes photographed. After enjoying a buffet barbecue lunch on the lake, the teachers came to the strawberry garden to pick and enjoy the fun of the pastoral. Then, we sit on the boat, while enjoying the scenery, while the full exchange, all the way singing and laughing, do not have some fun. The activities, the teachers enjoy the enjoyment of the nature of the infinite spring, the release of the usual work and life in the pressure to enhance the feelings between colleagues, we have expressed full confidence in the collective warmth, will be better mental state into Work to go.