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School party secretary Lin Juanjuan visit our hospital research guidance

Date:2017-05-02 comefrom Click: 52

Recently, the school party secretary Lin Juanjuan visit our hospital research and guidance work, college team members to participate in research. Sun Linzhu Dean on behalf of the Institute of personnel training, daily teaching, teacher building, discipline platform construction, scientific research work, degree construction, production and education integration, international education and other reports; Zhang Min secretary on the team building, grassroots party building, The main body "responsibility to fulfill the situation, teachers and teachers have made a report; other members of the team in charge of the work of the report.

Lin Juanjuan secretary fully affirmed the achievements of the college in recent years, and put forward the guidance on the construction and development of the next stage of the college. She pointed out that the college should seize the opportunity of reform and development of higher education, take the characteristics of development strategy, attach great importance to the construction of qualified personnel, highlight the status of personnel training center, scientific planning and implementation of the "three five" development plan to promote the college all- , To seriously study the party since the 18th CPC Central Committee and the CPC Central Committee and a series of major policies and the total secretary of the series of important speech to strengthen the teachers and students of the theory of armed, and earnestly implement the ideological and political work conference in the province to ensure that the socialist direction The general requirements of the implementation of the whole process of running a school; she asked to fully implement the "grassroots party building a comprehensive implementation of the year," the task, to further play the party's political core, the party branch of the fighting fortress and party members vanguard role, Two main responsibilities ", consolidate the foundation of the party building, to provide political security for the cause of development.