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Professional Practice of Wencheng County, Wenzhou City

Date:2021-04-11 comefrom Click: 11

April 10th, Class 2017 and Class 2018 international students majoring in Civil Engineering of College of Civil Engineering and Architecture, led by Associate Professor Zhao Junliang, Dr. Fan Ning and Dr. Song Laifu, went to Shanxi Wencheng Reservoir Dam, Ruian Tanjiao Barrage and Ruian Caocun Town Water Gate Project for civil engineering professional practice.

The Shanxi Wencheng Reservoir Dam project is located in the middle reaches of the Feiyun River and was completed in 2000. The project investment is about 4.3 billion yuan. The dam site controls a catchment area of 1,529 square kilometers with an average annual power generation of 355 million kilowatt-hours. It is a concrete rock-fill dam. The length of the crest of the Ruian Tanjiao Barrage Project is 448m, and the maximum dam height is 130.8m. The dam crest is 520m long and the project investment is about 156 million yuan. The ecological river course construction project of Caocun Town Sluice Project in Ruian has a total investment of 45 million yuan to implement river improvement. A total of 4.2 kilometers of river channels were dredged, and the river surface was widened to more than 25 meters. It is now a scenic spot.

Through this professional practice, students can have a certain understanding of the role of water conservancy engineering. The construction of reservoirs plays an important role, mainly in the following aspects: 1. Flood control 2. Power generation 3. Industrial and agricultural water supply 4. Shipping, etc. Through the detailed introduction and patient explanations of the three teachers, the students understand that there are many types of dams, including earth-rock dams, mortar-masonry gravity dams, concrete dams, etc. The choice of dam type will take into account many factors, the height and width of the dam, and the design of the dam shape are also particular. In addition, it must be matched with the outlet buildings and power stations. The purpose of this professional practice is not only to broaden the students' professional vision and enhance their professional knowledge, but also to let the students experience China's architectural culture and learn China's advanced water conservancy achievements.

Taking into account the cause of the epidemic, the students participating in this on-site professional internship are all students on campus. During the internship, the video was recorded and shared with students who are still overseas, so that everyone can learn and make progress together.