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Professional Practice of Zhejiang Ouyue Communications Construction Tech.Co., Ltd

Date:2021-04-22 comefrom Click: 16

April 22th, Class 2017 and Class 2018 international students majoring in Civil Engineering of College of Civil Engineering and Architecture, led by Associate Professor Zhao Junliang and Dr. Fan Ning, went to Zhejiang Ouyue Communications Construction Tech.Co., Ltd in Damen Island, Dongtou District for civil engineering professional practice.

Firstly, they visited Renqiantu production basement . The main product types of the basement are small and medium-sized concrete precast components, including laminated panels, double-walled walls, balconies, bay windows, integrated pipe corridors, shield tunnel segments, pavement bricks, curbs, etc. The students visited and learned the whole process of producing small concrete precast parts using the vibratory pressing process. The fully automatic Masa production equipment imported from Germany left a deep impression on the students.

Then, the group visited Yingpanji production basement. The basement mainly produces various large-scale bridge prefabs, including pre-stressed concrete T-beams, segmented box beams, cap beams, bridge piers and other prefabs. The students visited the steel bar processing workshop, the prefabricated T beams, cap beams and piers of the east extension project of Jinliwen Expressway, and the prefabricated box girder section of the Beikou Bridge. Professor Zhao and Dr. Fan gave a detailed introduction to the production technology of pre-stressed concrete components and the connection technology between components. The students said that through this professional practice, the theoretical knowledge they learned will be more practical and three-dimensional.

Taking into account the cause of the epidemic, the students participating in this on-site professional internship are all students on campus. During the internship, the video was recorded and shared with students who are still overseas, so that everyone can learn and make progress together.