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Congratulations To our 2017 International Students for Successfully Passing the Graduation Defense

Date:2021-05-28 comefrom Click: 30

On the afternoon of May 28th, College of Civil Engineering and Architecture held a 2017 international undergraduate graduation design defense students majoring in civil engineering. Dr. Zhao Junliang, director of international education office, Dr. Wu Zexiang, Dr. Ye Changpeng, Dr. Fan Ning and Dr. Lin Heng worked as graduation defense team member.

Due to the epidemic, half of the students are still outside China and cannot return to school. In addition to the time difference, the defense was divided into two parts. On campus students completed defense in their classroom in the morning, then off campus students completed defense through DINGTALK app online in the afternoon. In recent years, the leaders of our college have supporting the development of international education; the advisors are responsible and rigorous; the experts in the defense are serious and meticulous; the students are well prepared, carefully listen to the corrections of the teachers, and actively answer the questions raised by the experts. Finally, the graduation design defense ended in a pleasant atmosphere, and the teachers and students took a group photo.

According to the academic requirements of Wenzhou University, the final graduation design score is calculated by the advisor, the review teachers score and the comprehensive score of the defense performance. There are 22 students participated in the defense this time, and 20 of them met the requirements after a comprehensive assessment and passed the graduation defense successfully. The experts congratulated the students.