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Undergraduate’s education

Date:2017-04-29 comefrom Click: 53
To international demand for civil engineering talent-oriented, training with innovative spirit, entrepreneurial ability and social responsibility of the senior application of engineering and technical personnel. Through the basic theory, practice training, innovative design and other aspects of training, so that students have a strong engineering practice, innovation and good overall quality, master the multicultural knowledge, with the international perspective ,      global peer communication and international team cooperation Spirit and co-operation ability. At the same time they can have a good professional ethics and a high sense of responsibility to the community, capable of modern international civil engineering project planning, design, construction and operation and management of civil engineers.
CACE in WZU is a National-recognized provider of undergraduate Civil engineering education. For oversea students, there are plenty of scholarships available that can cover tuition fees and living expenses. Most importantly, undergraduates would benefit from our strong links with industry – every student has the opportunity to participate in valuable workplace experience which has even lead to graduate employment. Taking an undergraduate degree with CACE will put you ahead of the crowd.