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Postgraduate’s education

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Program: Master Program in Civil Engineering

CACE in WZU would give your career a boost through upgrading your qualifications via postgraduate education. Civil Engineering is one of the top disciplines in WZU and Zhejiang Province, that provide professional engineers with essential specialist knowledge and enhanced career prospects. Academic staff in CACE work on Geotechnical Engineering, Structure Engineering, Geoenvironmental Engineering and Construction Materials would train you through involving research and engineering projects, thus consolidating your knowledge, broadening your views on engineering projects and enhancing your ability to solve engineering problems. It is recognized that, our academic staff are well-known nationally and (some globally) as leaders in Civil Engineering who will train you to the top level required in your area.
Candidates who have obtained bachelor degree in Engineering are encouraged to apply Master program in Civil Engineering. The duration of this program is about 2.5 years (maximum 3 years).
The research laboratory area for master students is more than 5000 square meters, scientific research equipment worth a total of more than 450 million yuan. It Includes: vibration, shaking table, GDS triaxial test system, GDS hollow cylindrical apparatus, large dynamic load model, MTS, Structure lab and other international advanced test equipment. 
Master in Civil Engineering
Professor Wang Jun, Vice Dean of CACE
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